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札幌最大級MAX6名 深夜25時まで 札幌の観光や出張にタイもみ人気セラピストのマッサージがおすすめ


〒060-0062 札幌市中央区南2条西10丁目二条パークビル2F


Hokkaido Sapporo Spa Beauty Massage luxury specialty shops

Welcome, “Asia  Thai style massage  Sapporo  Taimomi”

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  This is the website of the relaxation specialty salon for real caring of bodily disorder through massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic therapy, etc.  We offer Thailand style massage (Ayurveda symptom reduction), oil massage, foot massage, and salon beauty treatment, which are all popular with Sapporo citizens.

Enjoy the Resort Spa Luxury of Sapporo’s Largest Thai Massage Salon

We are Sapporo’s largest late night Thai massage shop, with accommodations for up to 6 guests, open until 1am.  We offer treatment from a top therapist under the teaching of Professor KEI (thai massage Chinese nationally qualified masculinist etc) and a whole body course is recommended.  Operating since 2005, our renovated facilities offer healing treatment with a luxurious foreign resort spa feel. Please also use it for Hokkaido travel tour. Menu charges include tax.  Longer sessions provide better value.  Foot bath and pajamas are provided free of charge for sessions.  (You can have a business trip or travel massage.)

Sapporo Massage Place Location (details→Access)

Address:Japan, 〒060-0062 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Minami 2 Jōnishi, 10 Chome, 南2条西10丁目1000-7 二条パークビル2F

  • Located south of Odori Park, between the Sapporo Prince Hotel and the Leopalace Hotel Sapporo.  3 minutes by taxi, 7 minutes walking, from Odori Park.  5 minute walk from subway, nishi juitchome (west 11) station.  12 minute walk from Susukino station.  10 minutes by taxi from Sapporo station.

the reservation

please call to +81-11-251-6618 (Telephone service in Chinese and Korean +81-90-6218-2882)

Route guide

 Business Hours

● Reception is open from 10am to 24pm.  Operating hours are 11am to 1am (maximum late night until 25 o’clock).  Please contact ahead for early morning and late night.
● Last ordered visit to 24 o’clock (midnight).
● Maximum of 6 people per group.
● Reservations required for Mondays.  Reservations are preferred for Saturdays, Sundays, business groups, and public holidays.  Thank you for your consideration!
  Reservations Please call:  +81-11-251-6618   For service in Chinese and Korean, please call: +81-90-6218-2882

For customers

People of all ages, genders, couples and family are all welcome.
About price
All prices have tax included.
Every 10min after the session will have an additional cost, please ask your server for
more information.
Each session comes with complimentary Pajamas and 5min foot bath.
For a person receiving oil massage we will provide paper shorts.
Aroma treatment is female exclusive.
Mrs. Kei 2000 yen
Other staff 500 yen
For reservation, call us +81- 11-251-6618
or if you are Korean,Chinese speaker
call this number +81-90-6218-2882
Last order is 12pm(Last treatment ends at 1am) please call us first.
Monday’s are reservation only
Poor manners , harassment ,touching or requesting sexual service to any person in
the premises will result in a permanent ban from the premises
We will reject you if you have a severe health condition , infectious disease or
intoxicated in anyway.
Members card
If you wish to be a member we will require your email address, phone number or ask
to add us on the LINE app.
After getting a member card on your next visit we will give you a stamp for every
30mins spent in our service.
When you collect 5 stamps we will award you a 500yen discount.
On your birth month, we will gift you a 1000yen discount. (You can use this service
for your entire birth month)
We have TaimomiDay.
For example)) If your birthday is 28th →
8th ,18th ,28st these dates have a special
TaimomiDay price. please check the menu.

    Thai massage (tax included)    

Course Taimomi Day (Member’s only) Member  Visitor
60min session (This entails an entire body massage from a sideways position)

5000 Yen

5200 Yen

6500 Yen

90min session(This entails an entire body massage from a sideways position with added concentration on the back in a face down position)

7400 Yen

7700 Yen

8800 Yen

120min session(Contains the 90min session plus a 30min face up position massage)

9800 Yen

10200 Yen

11000 Yen

150min session(Contain the 120min session with a focus on particularly tense muscle groups and nerves as requested by customer)

12200 Yen

12700 Yen

13200 Yen

180min session (Contain the 120min session with a focus on particularly tense muscle groups and nerves as requested by customer)

14600 Yen

15000 Yen

15400 Yen

Aroma Oil Massage


 ① Lavender  ② Eucalyptus ③ Mandarin ④ Tea tree 100min~ Contains the 80min session with a focus on particularly tense part and nerves as requested by customer.


Course Taimomi Day( member’s only ) Visitor
40min session(Toes to the base of the thighs)  4700   Yen  4860  Yen
60min session(Toes to the base of the thighs plus, upper and lower back in a face down position)  6200 Yen  6500 Yen
80min session(Entire body massage in a face up and face down position)  8300 Yen  8640 Yen
100min session 10400 Yen 10800 Yen
120min session 12500 Yen 12960 Yen
150min session 15600 Yen 16200 Yen
180min session 18700 Yen 19440 Yen

Foot Massage Reflexology

We massage from toes to thighs rejuvenating the skin

 with a special cream


Taimomi Day

(member’s only)

30min 3000 Yen 3240 Yen
40min 4000 Yen 4320 Yen
60min 6000 Yen 6480 Yen
80min 8000 Yen 8640 Yen
100min 10000 Yen 10800 Yen

Foot Care

This option remove dead skin cells from the sole of your feet


20min 2500  Yen
30min 3500  Yen
  • In the luxury store which is a premium.Royal feeling


In the luxury store which is a premium.Royal feeling
  •  Reservation phone +81-11-251-6618(Telephone service in Chinese and Korean +81-90-6218-2882 )
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