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Sapporo Spa Beauty Massage luxury specialty shops

It is WEB site of the relaxation specialty store for real caring a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. groups to do the massage (Ayurveda symptom reduction) such as massage in Thailand, oil massage, the beauty treatment salon from the foot pot which is popular with Sapporo citizens. The specialty stores of Thailand relaxation beauty high quality SPA of the scholar of qualification) produce such as KEI teacher (thai massage, Tui Na (pronounced “tway-na”), a massage to be open from 2005 if I demand healing in China. Would you like to come to “the Asia Thai style massage Sapporo TAIMOMI” for trial once?
  • If a place is a sightseeing street of Odori Park and the soot keno if the traveler of 10 (tanukikoji 10) Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi south 2 west 10 Sapporo, Hokkaido susukino sightseeing is a taxi immediately from the central inhabitant of a ward center, for three minutes, Sapporo Station is around seven minutes if you former.
There is the free parking lot in the neighborhood, too. Foot bath time, pajamas paper panties free of charge, the menu rate are the time from a surgical operation start. It is (until up to the middle of the night 25:00) at order visit 24:00 in the last.   the reservation, please call to 011-251-6618. (Telephone service in Chinese and Korean +81-90-6218-2882) 友だち追加
  • 2014年に店内を大幅リニューアルし高級リゾート気分Asiaタイ式マッサージ札幌タイもみ店内Asiaタイ式マッサージ札幌タイもみAsiaタイ式マッサージ札幌タイもみmenu
2014年に大幅リニューア 高級リゾート気分
  •  Reservation phone 011-251-6618(Telephone service in Chinese and Korean +81-90-6218-2882 )